''Imminent'' Collapse of the Antarctic Ice Shelf and a ''New Era'' in the Arctic

Ce text est de Dahr Jamail journaliste

As human-caused climate disruption progresses, recent scientific reports show the collapse of a massive Antarctic ice shelf is “imminent,” changes in the Arctic Ocean are so profound scientists say the region is entering a “new era” and sea level rise is happening far faster than previously believed....... Read more...

And more: - Climate in Our Hands  
The destruction and exploitation that human hands have inflicted on our planet are undeniable - and there's no question that our species' actions have thrown our own future survival into great peril. When it comes to human-caused climate disruption, we are facing down a crucial tipping point, with glaciers melting at once-unheard-of speeds, flooding and storms decimating communities, species extinctions accelerating, and water and food shortages intensifying each day. However, human hands can be used to heal as well as to harm - and movements all over the world are rising to fight for climate justice in the face of catastrophe.

From Historic California Drought to Deadly Indian Heatwave, Global Warming Is Wreaking Havoc
As California's massive drought worsens, new mandatory water restrictions have just gone into effect, requiring residents to cut back water use by a net total of 25 percent. A new study by the University of California, Davis finds that in 2015 alone, the drought will cost the state's farmers and agricultural industry $2.7 billion and more than 18,000 jobs. The study notes: "The socioeconomic impacts of an extended drought, in 2016 and beyond, could be much more severe." Meanwhile the death toll from India's heatwave has topped 2,300, making it the fifth deadliest heatwave on record. We speak to two leading climate scientists at Stanford University, Noah Diffenbaugh and Mark Jacobson.

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